Singapore Airshow 11-14 February 2020

Luminact was on hand for the 2020 Singapore Airshow at the Changi Exhibition Centre last week. Despite a subdued turnout, and some notable exhibitors absent, the show went ahead with enhanced health precautions to ensure the threat of the Corona virus was managed.

The largest airshow in Asia, Singapore is a hub for local and international aviation and defence businesses to meet and exhibit the latest technology and products. The airshow is also one of the best run, most well organised, and features a very good layout, attracting a diverse range of attendees and exhibitors to participate in the event.

A key focus for 2020 was innovation, start-ups, and trusted autonomous systems, with some exciting technology unveiled, such as the Airbus blended-wing-body concept which promises to redefine cabin layouts and drastically improve fuel efficiency.

In the defence space, local company ST Engineering had a large presence at its home event, showcasing solider worn systems and military vehicles. Both the Bronco vehicle and Hunter Armoured Fighting Vehicle were on display, the latter being touted as the first fully digitised AFV and featuring similar systems to those specified for the Australian Land 400 Phase 3 Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle.

The combination of static and flying displays was impressive, with the US Marines’ latest F-35B demonstrating both conventional and vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) flight modes, transitioning between then during the display. Check out our 60 second wrap video below for more:

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