Luminact launches Taipan C2 at Land Forces 2022 

Media Release – 4 October 2022

Luminact is pleased to announce the launch of the enhanced Taipan C2 Concept Demonstrator Vehicle (CDV) at Land Forces 2022 in Brisbane, Australia. Building on the vehicle Luminact revealed last year, we are showcasing our in-house systems integration and engineering skills. 

The Taipan C2 variant is a go-anywhere, extreme access platform that provides on-the-move command and control (C2) node functionality, in a rapidly deployable and cost-effective two-seat vehicle. Luminact has worked with local and international industry partners to integrate the latest in communications and power architectures. The vehicle is connected to our advanced soldier system, featuring real-time data sharing over the air. 

The Taipan C2 features the Kymeta Osprey™ u8, a hybrid satellite and cellular on-the-move, flat-panel antenna, with built-in path diversity that provides future-proof connectivity to front-line teams and command posts around the world. It also has a Silvus StreamCaster 4200 MiMo radio for local data networking, and two Barrett PRC-2080+ VHF tactical transceivers for line-of-sight voice communications. These have been integrated to the vehicle, along with a Leonardo DRS GVA Smart-Display running situational awareness and messaging software IRIS, developed by Brisbane-company Neoplexus

The vehicle has also been upgraded with a state-of-the-art REDARC power management and distribution system, featuring two high-capacity Lithium Deep Cycle Batteries (100 Ah each), two mil-spec DC power converters, and the RedVision Manager30 kit. This includes a Total Vehicle Management System (TVMS), battery charger, and TVMS display that is mounted within the vehicle cockpit. 

The Taipan C2 is not just a practical, fully functioning extreme mobility C2 platform, it’s also a representation of the depth and scope of Luminact’s engineering capabilities. With an emphasis on vendor-agnostic integration and interoperability (i2), the vehicle has been developed using multiple skills within the Luminact team, including systems engineering and architecture, mechanical engineering and design, electrical and communications / RF engineering, and platform integration. 

Luminact is a 100% Australian owned and operated business. We have a dedicated laboratory and prototyping workshop with the flexibility to build, create, and demonstrate concepts. We aim to be a thought leader in the i2 space. Luminact will be exhibiting the Taipan C2 during Land Forces 2022 in Brisbane this week, on stand 2P5

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