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Luminact's highly respected team provides ingenuity, enlightened thinking, and strategic solutions to deliver and optimise the performance of systems and capabilities, and increase the productivity of those in government and commercial enterprises

What we do



Luminact supports the Department of Defence and the defence industry in the delivery of capability, sustainment, and upgrade programs, as well as the development of bids and tenders.



Leverage our knowledge to efficiently deliver below-the-line projects, optimise capabilities, and enhance in-service platforms and systems, while winning and delivering more bids.



Produce results and deliver work packages quickly with Luminact’s waterfall and Agile project management skills, training and implementation.



We believe that in addition to service provision, Luminact has an opportunity to advance industry development of skills and knowledge in our field of expertise.

Our Projects

Luminact has experience ranging from small projects, mid-life upgrades and capability assurance programs, through to large scale complex and strategic materiel acquisitions and management.

Take a look at some of the key projects we have supported and see why we are a trusted partner to the Department of Defence and the defence industry when it comes to engineering, project management and commercial management.

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Luminact specialises in systems integration and interoperability solutions, with a focus on knitting disparate equipment, systems, and platforms together so each component works together harmoniously, delivering a capability greater than just the sum of its elements.
Improve situational awareness and real-time decision making with enhanced information exchange and superior integrated capabilities. Our smart approach to i2 builds on our extensive knowledge of platform integration, development of Vehicle Integration Kits (VIKs), sensor and data fusion, communications and RF in a contested battlespace, and practical know-how that allows us to provide end-to-end solutions. We do this with the benefit of experience and expertise supporting the ADF and leveraging our vendor-agnostic approach to provide transparent and trusted solution architectures.

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