Luminact at Land Forces 2022

Demonstrating Luminact's in-house, vendor agnostic integration and interoperability abilities with the Taipan C2 Concept Demonstrator Vehicle


the taipan C2 CDV

A growing force in integration and interoperability.

silhouette of the Taipan concept demonstrator vehicle with logosilhouette of the Taipan concept demonstrator vehicle with logo

Land Forces 2021 was a very successful event for Luminact, and Land Forces 22 is shaping up to be even better!

The Taipan Concept Demonstrator Vehicle (CDV) has been upgraded to the Taipan C2, and will showcase significant advances in systems and functionality.

We are excited to bring the Taipan C2 to industry and Defence, and demonstrate Luminact as a growing force in vendor-agnostic i2.

Why WE ATTEND land forces


Showcase our skills

We believe in showing what we can do

One of the best ways to understand the marketplace, to understand your customers, and to talk to industry, is by going to conferences.

And one of the best ways, in our opinion, to demonstrate what we can do, is through innovation.

Which is why, when it comes to Land Forces, Luminact goes the extra mile, and we build a demonstrator.


Why we focus on i2

Smart i2 realises benefits that are greater than the sum of the individual parts.

Integration and interoperability as an end-to-end service, done well, has the potential to reduce costs, increase efficiency and effectiveness - and protect the IP of the equipment providers.

i2 is a passion and specialty among our team here at Luminact, and this is what our display at Land Forces aims to demonstrate.

Learn more about i2 and generic architectures through our two Whitepapers:

AS GVA Whitepaper
AS GSA Whitepaper


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