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Luminact provides next level systems integration and interoperability (i2) solutions, based on our extensive experience in knitting together disparate systems, equipment, and platforms to achieve an integrated capability that becomes greater than the sum of its parts.
Our smart approach to systems integration is built on lessons learned supporting and delivering complex, mission critical systems and platforms to Defence. Our team has experience across mechanical, electrical and RF integration, systems engineering, and architecture. We can support land, sea and air platforms, as well as cross-domain integration, and higher echelon information exchange and interoperability from the tactical level, through to strategic, whole-of-government, and with coalition partners.


Our ability to effect integration and interoperability is sophisticated, yet our philosophy is simple. Guided by the principle of finding simplicity on the other side of complexity, we use a structured and rigorous systems engineering methodology to achieve meaningful outcomes. This is backed by substantial experience with platform integration, and development of mission critical deployed solutions for the contested battlespace.

While every i2 problem is unique, these common principles and tools create a robust framework to tackle the most complex and demanding systems, resulting in optimised solutions and informed design decisions.


Our qualified team is experienced in systems integration, software, communications and RF, electrical and E3, and mechanical engineering; and is knowledgeable in all aspects related to defence engineering under ASDEFCON and Technical Regulatory Frameworks.

We aim to provide embedded engineering personnel as well as external integration and design services, with an emphasis on integrity, performance and safety.

With more than 100 years' combined industry experience, the team at Luminact has the proven expertise to support Defence and the defence industry, and commercial Australian and international businesses in their quest for efficiency.


See how we’ve helped the Department of Defence with Protected Military Vehicle Integration and Interoperability Upgrades

Luminact is supporting the Department of Defence in a key program that will enhance the Australian Army’s fleet of protected mobility vehicles, ensuring they remain operable and performing to the highest levels of safety possible. 

We have worked to analyse, design, and build prototype changes to vehicle platforms, designed to enhance their ability to operate and communicate, particularly in a contested battlespace.

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