Luminact Partners with 2iC

Luminact and 2iC are partnering to help shape the future of technology integration across Defence and industry.

Luminact is excited to announce a partnership with UK-based 2iC Limited (2iC), to provide a united capability that combines Luminact’s system engineering expertise with 2iC’s extensive suite of integration software and tools.

2iC is an agile company that develops software to securely and flexibly connect and control disparate old and new digital systems where previously this was too difficult, too expensive or too slow.

2iC has developed innovative software tools that maximise the effectiveness of integrated systems. Luminact, in partnership with 2iC, will work to develop the system architectures required to achieve optimal levels of interoperability.

David Abel, co-founder of Luminact explains why this partnership is needed to support Defence:

“Right now we know there is a transition away from a platform-centric integration model, to a system-of-systems approach. We have years of experience integrating systems onto a platform, but in the past, integration efforts have been largely stoved-piped.”

David goes on to explain that, for example, Army is moving away from procuring a vehicle in isolation, but rather procuring a capability that is an integrated system-of-systems. The vehicle is integrated into a network of platforms (nodes) that greatly increases the overall effectiveness of the individual platform, to the advantage of the force commander.

The combination of 2iC’s advanced software and Luminact’s detailed knowledge of integration and interoperability, will help to maximise the warfighters’ ability in the field.

Together, Luminact and 2iC are providing smart integration and interoperability solutions to Defence and industry.

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