Luminact at Exercise Chong Ju 18

On Thursday 17 May 2018, Luminact team members David Abel and Andrew Skinner had the opportunity to attend Exercise Chong Ju (EX CJ) 2018, held annually at Puckapunyal in Victoria.

The exercise demonstrates the capability and firepower of Australian Army with close air support from the Royal Australian Air Force. Based on the Battle of Chong Ju that occurred on the border of North Korea and China in October 1950, the exercise is designed to allow spectators to witness the effects and co-ordination of combined arms on the battlefield, and is an opportunity for soldiers to train they way they fight.

The exercise was complemented by a static display of vehicles and systems, including the Tiger Armed Reconnaissance Helicopter, the Thales Bushmaster and Hawkei vehicles, as well as the Boxer Combat Reconnaissance Vehicle that has recently been selected for Army’s Land 400 Phase 2 program. Highlights from the day included the impressive close air support from the BAE Hawk lead-in fighter, the M1A1 tanks firing in unison, and the skills of the mortar and M777 crews in delivering artillery support.

The Luminact team was able to gain a deep appreciation of the effects of all weapons systems, and their employment in a tactical environment. We thank the Australian Army, Royal Australian Air Force, and Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group for a great day!

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