The Information Exchange Requirement (IER) Capture Process

During the 2017 MilCIS conference, Luminact had the opportunity to present a paper on the subject of ‘Importance of the Information Exchange Requirement (IER) Capture Process’. This important topic is key to achieving interoperability between systems and platforms and is therefore highly relevant to the Australian Defence Force.

Information Exchange has never been more important to the war fighter. Today we struggle with the sheer magnitude of the data collected and how to take full advantage. IERs and how they are derived is the initial key step to establish what information is both needed and/or available.

Luminact’s approach is to establish a common capture process adhering to a strict governance to ensure that different IER capture process workshops collect information requirements that have a common alignment to a central process model allowing full cross platform integration.

Download the full presentation here: Luminact IER Capture Process – MilCIS 2017 Presentation R1.0

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