ASDEFCON: The Burden of the Beast

Whether you love them or hate them, the ASDEFCON suite of templates (and its predecessors) have guided many of us through acquisition and sustainment activities over many decades.

Lessons learnt over the years cannot be underestimated and undervalued when it comes to effectively and efficiently bidding and executing contracts under these frameworks. With many traps for new players and money to be made when played right the seemingly indefinable golden formula eludes even the biggest players in the game.

With an ever-changing technology landscape many are asking; is this suite of templates enough, in a landscape where new standards require more flexible, collaborative design approaches and more agile scope management?

There is no doubt that you can plaster the waterfall process over any underlying development methodology but is this really value for money and is it getting the best capability out of the market in a timely fashion. Not to mention whether this model is really allowing Defence industry to flourish, when the terrain is starting to look more like a measure of the global development market where the perception of old age quotes is seemingly not misplaced, ‘the rich get richer and the poor get poorer’.

Many, over the years have fought against the embedded processes either during the pre-signature stages of procurement or during execution, only to find they have invested more resources than they would have if they had just ‘cracked on’ and aimed to meet the minimum compliance requirements in the first place.

By experience it takes a mature and experienced team on both sides of the fence to significantly modify the more complex ASDEFCON templates and an even more mature team to subsequently execute the modified contracts effectively.

One thing remains; whether you hate them or love, the ASDEFCON suite of templates and no doubt the expected successors to them are here to stay in one form or another and will no doubt guide acquisition and sustainment for decades to come.

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