The Luminact GVA White Paper

The Luminact team has released a White Paper on the adoption of a new standard for Generic Vehicle Architecture (GVA) by the Australian Defence Force (ADF).

In the face of increasing global and regional uncertainty, the ADF needs to be well prepared to maintain its capability edge to deliver on its security mission over the next decades. A key challenge will be creating the flexibility to adapt to, and integrate with, the latest technology advances and systems as well as ensuring interoperability at all levels of the ADF and with coalition partners.

The adoption of an interoperable and open systems architecture for land platforms, will provide a clear and sensible framework for the integration of systems-of-systems on ADF vehicles into the future. The benefits of a GVA are multiple, and key among them is the ability to ‘future-proof’ platforms that will see an in-service life of over two decades.

Download the White Paper here

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