AS GSA: Future-proofing capability for Australian Soldiers

The Australian Generic Soldier Architecture (AS GSA) is a framework that, when defined and implemented well, will future-proof the capabilities of the Australian soldier borne systems. 

A “generic architecture” takes a look at the multitudes of different systems a soldier uses. Including sensors, communications, displays, networking, and weaponry.  

Each of these component parts have their own compatibilities, power needs, and information inputs and outputs.  

The soldier, meanwhile, is constrained by how much they can carry and effectively utilise. 

Given all these needs, it is imperative that the equipment soldiers wear and use work in tandem. Seamlessly. 

Component parts however almost always come from a range of different suppliers; many internationally but also nationally. 

So how do you get such disparate systems to talk to each other? How can you make one coherent system? 

For example, how do you reconcile components each having their own navigation needs, thus each of them potentially having a GPS, and a battery pack to boot? 

Chong Ju, 2019

An open architecture seeks to standardise how the systems on a soldier work together. The benefit, when implemented, is a system that is more powerful than the raw sum of its component parts. 

For example, soldiers might only need to be carrying – and powering – a single GPS unit that provides position and timing data to several components. This could well equal not only a reduction in power required but also a reduction in space and weight. 

But, let’s say, there are standard communications protocols in place. Without the need to bypass or translate between information systems, soldiers could stand to receive data transmission much faster.  

If you’re wondering how this might be achieved, Luminact’s systems integration experts look further into the technicalities in our new Whitepaper – Defining a Future-Proof Generic Soldier Architecture. 

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The team at Luminact are a part of the AS GSA Working group with LNIC and the Australian Army. Luminact specialises in systems integration and interoperability (i2) for Defence and defence industry, as well as providing Project Management and Commercial services. 

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